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What You Should Know About Batteries
"When a lead-acid battery is discharged, a soft lead sulfate material forms on the battery plates. During the battery's recharge, this material is lifted off the plates and recombined into the battery's electrolyte solution. If, however, the battery is left in a partial state of discharge for as short as 3 days, the lead sulfate material will begin to harden and crystallize, forming a permanent insulating barrier. As this barrier becomes thicker and thicker, the battery's ability to accept a charge or deliver energy is diminished, resulting in the perception that the battery is no longer usable. The accumulation of such deposits, otherwise known as sulfation, is the most destructive process in the life of any lead-acid battery."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: What You Should Know About Batteries      Submitted by Noel Sun Jul 25, 2004 )

Yacht Review: Flashgirl
"In the case of Flashgirl, which is based on a modified hull of a Wylie 39, the story told by its appearance, appointment and performance is elaborate and rich in nuances. All of that, of course, should not surprise, since its master is Warwick “Commodore” Tompkins Jr., one of the most experienced sailors alive today, who looks back on seven decades of adventure under sail and 500,000 ocean miles."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Yacht Review: Flashgirl      Submitted by Noel Sun Jul 25, 2004 )

Our Bermuda Experience
"Later, as the light was failing, we tied DRIVER to the customs jetty on St. Georges Harbor. Exhausted, I staggered into the main office with our passports and ship's papers. Going from the ocean's wide-open spaces straight into a fluorescent-lit room, where everyone is moving at the speed of light, can be extremely disorienting. My mind became over-stimulated, which caused me to act irrationally. (In Third World countries, officials move in slow motion but the disorienting effects are similar). I have often wondered if customs officials think that yachtsmen are the stupidest people on the planet."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Our Bermuda Experience      Submitted by Noel Sun Jul 25, 2004 )

Spring Break
"Jaja's frantic assault at the windlass was keeping us nosed into the wind, and I thought all was going to be well, but the violent gust had pushed our bow to starboard. I hesitated to use the engine. If I put it into gear immediately I was worried that I would drive us straight into the rocks. We were yawing slowly over, closer to the rocks. The wind was howling. Jaja couldn't see me hunched in the cockpit with my hand on the throttle, and with my eyes on the depth sounder."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Spring Break      Submitted by Noel Sun Jul 25, 2004 )

Which is Better - Wind Generator or Solar Panels
"I keep my boat on a mooring and want to keep my batteries charged.   My sailboat has an outboard and my batteries run down on long weekend cruises.   While cruising, I don't like to have to run my engine so much just to keep my batteries charged.   Should I get a wind generator or solar panels?   As with the answer to many questions, it depends.   In this case it depends on where you live or where you cruise, or more accurately on the weather where you live or when you cruise.   Wind generators need plenty of wind and solar panels need lots of sun.   The following will give you some of the pros and cons of each."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Which is Better - Wind Generator or Solar Panels      Submitted by Noel Sat Jul 24, 2004 )

Multihulls In the Bahamas
"After a thorough chart briefing we were off to find out if cruising in the Abacos had truly improved over the paradise of fifteen years ago. That’s a tall order to fill, but we had a week to see for ourselves. We split the crew between the two boats with my old sailing buddy John Holtrop skippering the thirty-two foot Heartbeat with Rosie, Jake, Kim, and Pandora as crew. I took the helm of the thirty-six foot Goodbye Columbus with my wife, Tim, Irina, Frank and Marilyn trimming the sheets."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Multihulls In the Bahamas      Submitted by Noel Sat Jul 24, 2004 )

Spring Break
"I looked to windward. The snow had eased off for a second and I saw another gust approaching that was lifting a curtain of white water before it. It takes sixty knots of wind to do that. The gust came closer, and closer, then POW! DRIVER's bow blew to port, we heeled violently, and at the moment when the anchor should have tugged the bow back into the eye of the wind, it kept falling away. I knew then that we were dragging anchor. I looked astern. The foreshore was one boat length away. Calmly, I said, "Jaja, we're dragging. I'll start the engine." I had learned years ago that panicking did not improve the quality of emergencies."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Spring Break      Submitted by Noel Sat Jul 24, 2004 )

Spring Break
"Before I entered the area of reefs en route to the main harbor I hoisted the mainsail. There was ice on the halyard and it got hung up in the mast head sheaves. I tried to insert the winch handle in the main halyard winch but the socket was full to the brim with ice. I had to chisel it out with a Phillips head screw driver. The main sheet was also encrusted with ice and I had to whip it against the cockpit seats to unstiffen it so that it would run through the cam cleat."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Spring Break      Submitted by Noel Sat Jul 24, 2004 )

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