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Tidal Mysteries
"My boat, the boat I was on, and another boat nearby were caught in the midst of a line of rollers sweeping toward the beach. Since the land shelved so gradually out to sea, as the water receded, the ocean swell that had gently rocked us upon our high-tide arrival had stacked up in the ever-shallowing water. I had counted on somewhere between one and two feet of clearance under the hull at low tide, and I got it. What I hadn't counted on was the shelving bottom that tripped the gentle swells and turned them into nasty breakers. The three boats bucked and rolled, sinking and rising from the mud with each wave under the keel and there was nothing we could do but watch until the tide bottomed out, the flood came back in, and calm was restored. "

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Tidal Mysteries      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 8, 2004 )

Money, Money, Money
"Ease of access to cash for cruisers is part of recent history; really only several years old. Not very long ago, other means were used that weren't so convenient, which meant that, in order for money to last longer, we carried more around and worried more about it being stolen or lost. But no matter how it is gotten, for every single way there is to acquire money, there is an endless procession of ways to get rid of it, and as I learned, this is an area where truth can be stranger than fiction. "

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Money, Money, Money      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 8, 2004 )

Surviving a Fouled Prop
"I didn't want to attempt tacking through a somewhat crowded anchorage up to a mooring with a furling main and an inexperienced crew, and the dinghy and outboard didn't have the power to muscle us upwind, through the waves. No matter how I cut it, there was only one thing to do and that was to unfoul the prop—immediately—and doing so was up to me."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Surviving a Fouled Prop      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 8, 2004 )

Ode to a Squall
"But, wait. There's more. What is that smudge on the horizon, a smudge that is growing ever larger beneath a big anvil-shaped cloud? Oh yeah. Another side to nature is the first sign of a squall. That figures. How many times do sudden squalls come a knocking out of the clear blue, when things couldn't look better? Fortunately, one redeeming feature of the squall is that they don't spawn suddenly, appearing out of nowhere. If a proper lookout is maintained and the watch isn't asleep at the wheel, squalls always give fair warning. "

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Ode to a Squall      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 8, 2004 )

Cruising Preparation
"The stuffing box popped out of the stern tube and the Indian Ocean became the unwelcome teacher, wedging her nasty foot in my companionway door. A screwdriver and a pocketknife lost to the bilge later, I got rid of the foot by cramming the stuffing box back into the tube and tightening the hose clamp that held it there—temporarily. Intent on driving the lesson home, for more 2,000 miles of westward progress, every time I put the engine into gear, the stuffing box escaped, and the Indian Ocean forced its way back in. "

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Cruising Preparation      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 7, 2004 )

The Big One - Crossing the Atlantic
"hings had worked out well in the end. We had arrived in daylight, and had perfect sailing conditions as we rounded the southern point of Barbados. We hoisted our Q flag and the Barbados courtesy flag, plus (not for the first time) the code flags "RN" at the port crosstrees. Heading up north in the lee of the island, we sailed past Carlisle Bay, where we could see dozens of yachts at anchor. We called the signal station on the breakwater to notify them of our arrival, then headed in, tacking up between the cruise liners to where some yachts were moored at the far end. Rounding up under sail, we took our lines ashore and made them fast. We'd made it."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: The Big One - Crossing the Atlantic      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 7, 2004 )

Bad Hair day on the Coast of Death
"After an hour or so, we were approaching the harbour wall at Laxe. Sarah was at the bow getting the anchor ready to drop as we rounded the breakwater and I throttled back the engine. Immediately there was a fizzing noise and smoke started seeping out from under the engine cover. We were now just inside the harbour and I shouted to Sarah to drop the anchor and come back to help. Once the anchor was down, I stopped the engine and went below. Lifting the engine cover, I could see flames licking around the side of the block. I grabbed the fire extinguisher, aimed in and pressed the release lever. Nothing happened. I went forward, grabbed the other extinguisher, and tried that. Nothing again. By this time the cabin was getting full of acrid smoke."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Bad Hair day on the Coast of Death      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 7, 2004 )

Biscay Between Storms - Falmouth to La Coruna
"She woke me in the early hours after seeing a strange combination of lights. They turned out to be quite a large vessel, not under command, attended by a smaller vessel, possibly a tug. When we were quite close, the larger vessel suddenly turned on all its lights - decklights, floodlights, and the like - and started moving towards us, so we had to alter course. Eventually we got clear of them and I went back to bed. Our intention was to head well outside Ushant, and then straight down to La Coruna, while reserving the option to head into Brest if the weather took a turn for the worse. In the end it wasn't necessary. The Navtex continued pumping out good forecasts until we were well into the Bay."

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: Biscay Between Storms - Falmouth to La Coruna      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 7, 2004 )

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