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FurledSails.com Podcast #82 Spanish and French
Kathy Parsons, author of Spanish for Cruisers and French for Cruisers, shares with us her sailing adventures and how she came to write both of these wonderful language guides. These are very practical guides and easy to follow for when your out cruising. They include help with mechanical fixes to your basic shopping and meeting people. We would recommend you take them along if your going cruising. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #82 Spanish and French      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 25, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #81 Mico Verde
Warren and Stephanie are sailing around the world on their Westsail 32 Mico Verde. We caught up with them while they were earning more "freedom chips" back here in the States. They are now back to their boat in Austrailia and have celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Their blog has wonderful pictures to go along with the stories they shared with us, and also a recipe for The Mico Verde cocktail, it is worth checking out. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #81 Mico Verde      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 18, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #80 Ministry of Rum
Ed Hamilton, better known as the Minister of Rum tells us the story of rum and its relation to the sea. He started the Ministry of Rum when he was sailing around the Carribean. He says he is dedicated to the Understanding and Appreciation of the Noble Spirit - Rum. His new website has a Rum lovers registry and a rum index by country. Enjoy! Neil Cramb tells us all about sailing in South African waters and of his race from South Africa to Rio De Janeiro. He has been in South Africa since he was a boy and tells of some adventure and all about the wildlife. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #80 Ministry of Rum      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 11, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #79 Silver Donald Cameron
Silver Donald Cameron is the author of several sailing books including "Sailing Away From Winter", "Sniffing the Coast", "The Living Beach" and "Wind, Whales and Whisky" just to name a few. He has a very entertaining way about him and regals us with several stories from his trips. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #79 Silver Donald Cameron      Submitted by Noel Sun Mar 4, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #78 Community Boating
Community Boating Inc. in Boston is one of the oldest sailing programs in the United States. Joseph Lee founded the program in 1936 as a way to keep local West End children off the city streets in the summer. In 1993, the Community Sailing Council of US SAILING honored Community Boating with an award for our decades of ‘Distinguished Service and Performance’ to the public. Charles Zechel is the executive director of the program and tells us about how to join, what the program offers, and much more. We also talk to Charles about his experiences with blind sailing. See you on the water! Photo by Martin Hapl.

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #78 Community Boating      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Feb 25, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #77 George Buehler
George Buehler, self-taught yacht designer has a great philosophy on boats, he says "I like all kinds of boats; there are no absolutes I've come to realize, and more important, no boat is 'practical'. So let's not pretend; a boat is a toy, a fantasy, a thing to have fun with." He helped build a replica of the 110' schooner America and is the also the designer of the Diesel Duck. George is the author of Buehlers Backyard Boatbuilding and The Troller Yacht Book.

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #77 George Buehler      Submitted by Noel Sun Feb 18, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #76 The Venturers Cruise
Maurice Rowlandson founder of the Venturers Norfolk Broads Cruise shares his tales of life on the water. He is the author of the book "Life on Water" in which he writes about going from being terrified of the water to loving it. One of the great influences for this was the author Arthur Ransome. The Venturers is an annual Christian holiday for anyone aged 12 - 17. Maurice founded the Venturers Cruise in 1946 and is responsible for teaching thousands of children to love life on the water.

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #76 The Venturers Cruise      Submitted by Noel Sun Feb 11, 2007 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #75 Bumfuzzle
Pat and Ali of the catamaran Bumfuzzle tell us how they set off on their circumnavigation with little sailing experience but big dreams. They are an adventurous pair who find the best sailing is not always where everyone else says it is. Some have said that they were ill prepared, but they proved everyone wrong and are on the final leg of their journey. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #75 Bumfuzzle      Submitted by Noel Sun Feb 4, 2007 )

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