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FurledSails.com Podcast #66 Beachcombers
We interviewed Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who is an oceanographer and founder of beachcombers newsletter and website. Dr. Ebbesmeyer studies ocean currents using scientific instruments and flotsam lost from container ships. Listen and learn what's floating in our oceans, from Nikes to large timbers and what sorts of things people have found washed up on the beach. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #66 Beachcombers      Submitted by Christy Mon Dec 4, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #65 Pete Goss
This week we interview Pete Goss, he is a a former Royal Marine who is no stranger to adventure. Pete is probably best known for the 1996/97 Vendee Globe, it was this race which turned Pete into a international hero for the dramatic rescue of fellow competitor Raphael Dinelli in hurricane-force winds. Pete was awarded the MBE by HM The Queen and the Legion d'Honneur by the French President. His other sailing adventures include the British Steel Challenge and the Carlsburg Transatlantic race plus much more. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #65 Pete Goss      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 27, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #64 George Moffett
This week we speak with George Moffett, Captain of the Schooner Brilliant. Brilliant is a 62 foot auxillary schooner Designed by the firm of Sparkman and Stephens and constructed in 1932 by the City Island, New York, shipyard of Henry B. Nevins. The schooner has participated in several Bermuda Races and crossed the Atlantic in 1933, sailing from the Nantucket lightship to Bishop's Rock in the record time of fifteen days, one hour, twenty-three minutes. During World War II she served with the Coast Guard. In 1946, she was restored as a yacht by the well-known sportsman Briggs S. Cunningham, who gave her to the Museum in 1953 for training purposes. Since then, she has taken more than 7,500 participants to sea. Perhaps if you go to Mystic Seaport you can see her on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #64 George Moffett      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 20, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #63 Good Old Boat
This week we talk to Karen Larson and her husband Jerry Powlas, owners of Good Old Boat magazine. They not only have a great magazine, but are long time sailors. They have some great stories to tell along with how they started their magazine and now are producing audiobooks from some of the greatest sailing stories ever written. This is one interview you don't want to miss. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #63 Good Old Boat      Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 13, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #62 Ellen Landrum
This week we talk to Ellen Landrum, who is living her dream and living aboard, with husband John and baby Sophia. They just recently moved from their Alberg 30 to a bigger 33 foot steel boat. They plan to sell the Alberg. She currently writes articles for several magazines including Living Aboard and Good Old Boat.

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #62 Ellen Landrum      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Nov 6, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #61 Towndock
This week we interview the Keith and Melinda creators of Towndock.net. Keith and Melinda reside in the wonderful sailing town of Oriental, NC, which on any given day tends to have more boats than cars in the small town. Melinda writes a great article for their site called "The Shipping News" which has stories from sailors and more. They also have the harborcam which takes pictures every 10 minutes of the town dock hence the name of their site, so go take a look and see what goes on in Oriental, North Carolina! See you on the water and maybe also the harborcam!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #61 Towndock      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Oct 31, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #60 SSCA
We speak with Nancy Birnbaum, editor of the Commodore's Bulletin for the Seven Seas Cruising Association. We talk about the history of the SSCA which started small but now has over 10,000 members. We also talk about the benifits of membership, anchoring rights, the Commodore's Bulletin, and more. We both agree that if your a cruiser or wanting to cruise this is a great association. See you on the water!

( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #60 SSCA      Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 23, 2006 )

FurledSails.com Podcast #59 Celestial Navigation
We speak with Captain Jeremy Bernal who has a different approach to celestial navigation in his new book Celestial Navigation for the Clueless. A new recipe for Broccoli salad is here for your enjoyment. Noel reviews the book " Sailing Just for Fun". See you on the water!

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( Podcast, Shownotes, and Information: FurledSails.com Podcast #59 Celestial Navigation      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Oct 16, 2006 )

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