Rogue Waves

"In the cabin the inversion was so swift that no one had a chnce to brace himself, and objects were literally shot out of the storage compartments and onto the overhead of the opposite bulkheads. Thirty pounds of potatoes actually crossed the cabin and lodged behind the toilet in the head. There was no yawning, or leveling before the roll, as one would expect if had suddenly gybed and backed the trysai. SORCERY didn't lie down and then ross, as she might have if we had broached on the top of our storm seas. She was spun suddenly on her axis, like a 34-ton kayak doing an Eskimo roll. The motion was so violent that a heavy frying pay was bent double, yet we have no idea what it hit."

 (Submitted by Noel Mon May 31, 2004 )


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