How Much Does It Cost To Cruise?

"We know young American friends on Capella, a barest-of-bare-bones 27-footer, who squeaked by on $300 month, had a ball for a year, then stopped to get "real jobs." We have European friends with two children on Caliente, who sailed from the Med, did three Caribbean seasons on $600 a month, and are now in the South Pacific; they supplement their kitty by taking on "deck-sleepers," backpackers looking for week-long adventures. Friends on 36-foot Bonnie Lass saved every penny for a decade while building her in the backyard, budgeted only $700 a month for circumnavigating the Caribbean, spent their five-year budget in three - and headed home early but ecstatic. Other friends tracing the same route as Bonnie Lass spent five times as much."

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Jun 13, 2004 )


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