"MOST sailing people do not realize what magnificent cruising waters we have in that noble bay, the Chesapeake, which might reasonably be called a sea. In point of fact, it was called a Gulf, or Sea, by one Daniel Gookin, a couple of hundred years ago. It is about two hundred miles long, ten to twenty miles wide, and full of bay-like tributaries, the exploration of which alone would make months of sailing. The scenery is varied, and always picturesque; whether the pleasant sheltered bays of the Eastern Shore, the bold bluffs of the Patuxent, or that of the tropic-like pine-fringed Piankatank. Fish, oysters, and game are all plentiful and cheap. The supply of crabs, indeed, seems to be inexhaustible."

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 28, 2004 )


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