NormsBoat - The Replacement of a Dovekie

"So... After selling my Dovekie, I began searching for a replacement which would be comparable with Shallow Water Sailing. I wanted a boat in which I could walk from stern to bow without crawling, and secondarily, self rescuing. (after my capsize on the 1988 Elk River Spring Cruise, I feel as if I have not sailed as aggressively as I would like). I did not need a boat as big as Dovekie for my single handing, and if it was under 20 feet, perhaps it would fit in a garage with room to spare for working on it.  I looked at Bolger's Camper, an 18 foot design based on his Birdwatcher. I had seen (but not sailed) a Birdwatcher built by Jim Michalak, so I also considered a few of Jim's designs. "

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 6, 2004 )


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