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 Safety Harnesses

"One second I was on my feet--and the next second I was falling head first towards the water. What startled me most about my first (and only) falling-overboard experience was the absence of a noticeable transition between walking and falling. I did not pinwheel my arms and have time to think, "Hey, Dave, you knucklehead, grab something! You're falling overboard!" No. All I remember is seeing upside-down lifelines fly past me. I reflexively reached out, grabbed the lifeline wire, and held tight. This action stopped my inertia. My feet swung around and slapped the cold ocean. At the instant when my two fingers began to lose their grip on the slippery lifeline wire, my safety harness took up the slack and squashed my nose. I climbed back aboard.
I have a high opinion of wearing safety harnesses."


 (Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 22, 2004 )
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