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 A Short History of Canoe Sailing

"She was, of course, the wind. When she met the voyageurs head on, they cursed her—silently, because no sane man wanted to get on the wrong side of the Old Woman—and then they paddled harder, sweating and singing as wind-driven waves dumped gallon after gallon of water into their Montréal canoes. And when the Old Lady turned round and buffeted their backs for a change, what then? The voyageurs raised their big square sails and murmured half-remembered prayers, while their overloaded canoes scudded along before the gusts, making six knots or more, with each sickening roll threatening to drive a gunwale under and toss every man into the water to drown or freeze."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 29, 2004 )
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