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 The Birth of Fiberglass Boats

"Development of plastics began in the mid-1800s, in part due to a challenge from a billiard ball company to find a new material to replace ivory for its chief product. Patents were awarded for a variety of plastics by the late 1800s. Research speeded up in the 1920s, and again with the approach of World War II, due to the shortage of many natural products. Carlton Ellis of DuPont was awarded a patent for polyester resin in 1936. The Germans furthered the manufacturing process of this early polyester by refining its curing process. Early in World War II, British Intelligence stole these secrets and turned them over to American firms. American Cyanamid produced the direct forerunner of today's polyester resin in 1942. "

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Aug 1, 2004 )
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