Blister repair was cheap. . all things considered

"I also did some research on the Valiant blistering problem. I discovered that instead of osmosis blisters caused by water penetrating the gelcoat from the outside and setting up a chemical reaction in the laminate to cause blisters, these blisters are caused by the fire retardant not having kicked with the polyester resin. This retardant then slowly wicks its way through the laminate to the surface and forms blisters under the gelcoat. These blisters will show up on the bottom, topsides, decks, and cabintop. They seem to be more evident in warm climates and waters. The retardant seems to wick itself to the surface when the laminate is warmest. Boats sailed exclusively in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska were very slow to develop blisters."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 4, 2004 )


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