Improve your dodger

"For all of the obvious advantages of a dodger there is one glaring, and potentially dangerous, disadvantage. If you have to go forward when the seas are kicking up and the deck is bucking like a bronco, the trip around the dodger becomes hazardous. There are no handholds except for the low lifelines; you can't clip your safety harness onto the safety line until you've made it around the dodger; and the shrouds are usually too far forward to be of any use. For any member of the "over-the-hill gang' like myself, especially when sailing solo, the risk and insecure feeling is compounded. The obvious answer is to have a handhold available. I recently installed handholds on our dodger, and it has increased our sense of security dramatically."

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 6, 2004 )


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