Cruising Isle Royale

"Plans began to take hold when we moved from Indiana to Minnesota in the mid 1980's, towing a Dovekie rowing-sailing cruiser behind one of the family cars.  But a 21-ft Dovekie lacked features considered essential on Lake Superior, like an engine, and a self-bailing cockpit, so we contented ourselves cruising less formidable waters, like Lake Vermillion, Rainy Lake, and the BWCA.     Ten years later, after following a job from Duluth to Illinois, we traded up to Dovekie’s “Big Sister”, a 28-ft Shearwater Yawl.  Shearwater had everything Dovekie lacked for cruising waters lapping the rocks of Isle Royale, a more weatherly rig, a hearty engine, a self-bailing cockpit, a companionway bulkhead, more capacity for everything, crew, provisions, gear, and waste tank."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 26, 2004 )


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