Thanksgiving on the Water

"The regular launch ramp was high and dry, but there was a low-water ramp, which I suppose was left over from an earlier era when the water level wasn't kept so high. (Like most Texas lakes, this one is artificial; engineers control the water level by opening and closing gates at the dam.) The old "ramp" was just a bumpy track in the ground, with no pavement that I could see. There were, however, some barely-submerged concrete structures which must have been foundations for docks when the ramp was in regular use; now they were just obstacles. But I carefully backed the trailer down between the ruins, and was able to get Shady into the water with no problems. I set two anchors to hold her away from shore while I parked the car; I usually do that to make sure that the wakes from powerboats won't grind her on the rocks or sand."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 31, 2004 )


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