Exploring Lake Ouachita on Shady Character

"In the late afternoon, I anchored in a notch in the shore of another island. My luck was better this time, as there were few of the flies. After taking a swim and a stroll, I returned to the boat and noticed that the flies seemed to staying with the boat rather than with me. That gave me an idea. I had cooked three breakfasts in the cockpit by now; and although I had wiped up any spilled food, I had not given the cockpit a thorough cleaning. I knew from my kitchen at home that when you cook bacon, the grease can fly around quite a bit. So I got out my soap and sponge and bucket, and gave the cockpit a good scrub, doing the seats and bridgedeck as well as the sole. For good measure, I cleaned the toilet as well. When I was done, the flies were gone; and now I knew how to control them."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 31, 2004 )


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