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 The Wakulla County Model Bow Skiff

"When I was a boy and a young man, I did it, too. My grandfather loved the place and every fall when the crops were in, he rented a house at what they call "Wakulla Beach" (find that, if you can) and a skiff came with the house. We poled the skiff all through the creeks and caught crabs and fish and gigged flounders. Though I let the last model bow skiff I knew where was get eaten up before I got up the gumption to go down there and bog around in the mud to photograph it and take off the lines, I remember the boats pretty well. They were all just about as long as what you could build with sixteen f oot lumber. They were built hard chined in the southern tradition. With that, I must digress. Most small southern boats are hard chined. Bent frames don't last down here. There is an old erroneous saying that states that southern oak is not good for building boats. Southerners invented that saying and it got mis quoted as it moved north. "

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Sep 1, 2004 )
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