Solo to the North Channel

"There was plenty of small driftwood just large enough to make a cooking fire. A previously used campfire complete with stones for a fire ring was right on the beach. I soon had a roaring blaze going. I let the sticks burn down to glowing coals, and then put my small camp grill over the coals. The hot dogs were quickly done. I enjoyed a can of fruit cocktail with them and made a cup of instant cappuccino to polish off dinner. Around 6:30, after straightening out the cabin and cockpit, a constant chore, a light rain started to fall. It was over in a half hour or so. Lovely. The air was very still, but cool. I wondered if I could sail through the rocks that separate North and South Benjamin to the west side? The cruising guides again say it can't be done, but they didn't have a Sea Pearl."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 7, 2004 )


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