Penobscot Bay

"Pentail and I arrive in Rockland, Maine, the planned put-in.  Rockland is the "gateway to Penobscot Bay," and a straight shot to Vinalhaven and North Haven Islands.  But it's also open to weather from the Gulf of Maine.  The clerk at "Rockland Boat" predicts, with local confidence, a week of fine weather so in we go at Snow Marine Park.  The ramp is south of town next to the Outward Bound school and has long-term parking.  It's a comfort to know that they confidently launch open boats full of kids into the Bay all summer armed only with oars and a few sails.  The demon of Maine summer cruising is here today… fog.  It's a light one and over the week I came to treat fog like a shipmate."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 16, 2004 )


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