The Seaward 25

"My First Mate and I currently sail a 2000 Seaward-25, which is built by Hake Yachts in Stuart Florida.  The factory is of modest size and visitors are welcome. I always have had good customer support from the factory during regular business hours.  The S-25 is 26 feet 9 inches Length Over All (LOA), with 23 feet Length on Waterline (LOW). It displaces 3,600 pounds with a mast height Above Water Line (AWL) of 33 feet. The sail area is 280 square feet. It is available in two different versions. One is a wing keel, shoal draft version that drafts 2 feet. The other is a blue water model that has a fin keel with a bulb that drafts 4 feet 2 inches. We sail the wing keel version. "

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 17, 2004 )


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