Cruising is all about the people you meet

I don't know about you but when a read a story like this, it makes me want to travel to exotic lands, meet interesting people, and get to know them. People make the world go around, all this other stuff is just distractions.

"Jose’ is officially retired, but at the age of 73 he is still doing what he loves- he is a stringed instrument maker. He makes mandolins, all sorts of guitars, banjos, violins, and some smaller forms of banjo’s that are popular in Portugese music. It’s hard to imagine, but Jose’ lives in the rural town of Costa de Lajedo, with a total population of 45 odd people. Jose’ is the only person in town not occupied in farming, although he raises phesants, chickens, and has a garden as well."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 10, 2005 )


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