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 Sinking your ship

The story of the sinking of Arwen, a 30 foot wooden doublended cutter, is the sort of thing that can keep you awake at night. Jack Ganssle hits something in deep water that is big enough to stop his boat in its track and hard enough to crush parts of his hull. Five minutes after the crash she was gone.

I was thinking of this story when I saw a review of this Rescue Laser Flare. One of the things I liked about the laser flare was that you could use it again and again without expending it.

"The basic concept of the Rescue Laser Flare is to modify a laser beam so that it projects a line rather than a pinpoint light source we normally associate with a laser. The theory being that the expanding vertical line would cover a wide swath so that it would greatly increase the odds of being seen as a survivor scans a target or the horizon and the laser light would be distinctive and stand out better than a traditional flashlight. Another use would be for Search and Rescue (SAR) forces to use a similar tool to cover more ground or water than could be done with the relatively limited area lit by a searchlight, with any retro-reflective material being picked up in the beam and reflecting back the laser light source."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 18, 2005 )
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